Our Mission

To educate and show people that investing in real estate is possible for anyone and not just for the wealthy.

About Us

OutYard Invest is a team of passionate real estate professionals and investors with a combined experience of over 35+ years in the industry. From residential, commercial, property management, title, escrow, working with contractors, home flipping, and every aspect of the busines you can think of, we have it all covered. Through our network of real estate vendors across the country, we are able to provide our investors with options that are readily available in your own local market. Our team will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, all from the comfort of your own home. With the internet, investing in real estate doesn’t have to be local anymore, and we are here to show you the potential other markets across the country have to offer.

Our Story

Back in 2009, OutYard’s founder, Christopher Suh, had been working with a number of overseas investors, helping them buy real estate in his local market in Southern California. The main thing the investors needed was someone who knew their market inside out and to help manage their properties, and that’s when Chris started his own property management company. What we locals may consider high-priced real estate, his investors looked at it as a cheap buy compared to their own markets overseas. For nearly the past decade, billions of dollars have been poured into the US real estate market from overseas, and how are those investors able to do so successfully? By hiring the right people to seek out the investment and, most importantly, manage it afterwards. Over the years, Chris noticed his investors’ portfolios grow from one property to two and then more, becoming a snow ball effect year after year.

In early 2015, Chris figured that if his investors overseas can successfully invest in a market thousands of miles away, why can’t it be done in a market just a short flight away, where it is much more affordable to pick up a rental property? Through his experiences in helping others invest from afar and managing their rentals, Chris knew he had to find people just like himself who help others invest successfully in their own local markets. After spending months and months researching, Chris flew out to Columbus, OH which is the first market he had invested in, outside of his own market, and later that year, he expanded to Kansas City, MO. Prior to investing in these markets, he knew that the most important thing other than finding the right deal was to have the right team in place to make sure the properties are managed properly. Realizing quickly that there are many emerging markets out of state at much lower price points than his own local market, he knew this service was much needed. And that is how OutYard Invest was formed. The company helps others to invest not in their own backyard but in someone else’s.

After launching OutYard Invest, we’ve successfully helped people become investors. We get great satisfaction knowing that someone with zero knowledge or experience with investing in real estate can do so at a fraction of the price and become cash flow positive on a monthly basis. Our motto here is Invest, Cash Flow, and Repeat!