Before we enter any new market, our team spends an extensive amount of time researching the region, state, city and all the way down to the neighborhoods. Our research consists of past, present and future trends in the specific market(s). We also look for emerging markets where there is job growth, increase in population, schools, a high demand for renters, along with other factors. While we do offer markets that have potential appreciation, most of our focus are on very “linear” markets, which tend to be very steady with not much volatility. These linear markets offer a very steady cash flow with higher rates of ROI (Return On Investment), compared to the coastal markets where it is more speculative and almost like a guessing game where the market will end up.

Once we narrow down a new market, one of our staff members will physically fly out to the region(s) and inspect the neighborhoods first hand in person. We also set meetings with local Realtors. Property Managers, Insurance Brokers, Home Inspectors, Contractors and other vendors that will ensure we have the right team in place on a local level, to make sure your investment runs smoothly.

On average, it can take up to several months before we give the greenlight for our investors to invest in any new market we offer. One thing we pride ourselves is the fact that we invest in every market with our own money before any other investor does. That’s how strongly we believe in the products and services that are offered, along with the people we’ve built relationships with in each local market. YOUR Succcess is OUR Success.


At OutYard Invest, we primarly focus on offering Single Family Residences (1-4 units). Prior to closing on an investment property, the home is rehabbed /renovated and prepped for a tenant to move in. Once the rehab work is complete, we encourage our investors to hire a home inspector and inspect the home. If there are still repairs needed based on the home inspectors finding, our vendors will take care of them. Afterwards the property is marketed for lease by a local Property Management Company. The management company will pre-screen all applicants and make sure a qualified tenant is placed in the home.

In most cases the property will be rehabbed, with a qualified tenant in place by the time you close the transaction. From start-to-finish, everything is taken care of. The goal is for you to cash flow instantly after the deal is closed.